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Get your opinions printed in SFX magazine [UPDATED]

Every month in SFX we print a selection of letters from readers. Are you one of them?

If you have thoughts you want to share on the latest sci-fi TV, comics or books you've read, the state of modern films or just something you've read in the mag or on this website that you think needs to be commented on, then feel free to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and show us how articulate you are. SFX is the best-selling SF magazine, so your words of wisdom will reach a wide newsstand audience.

You'll also want to send us details of any fanzines or blogs you create, any events or cons you're running, and any online or fan films you've made - we're happy to devote a little space in the mag to highlighting the cool stuff people do.

Email our Post Apocalypse letters section at or send physical letters to this address:

Post Apocalypse
30 Monmouth Street

Remember, if we print your letter, you'll be sent a complimentary SF book from the good folk at Black Library . What are you waiting for? The Earth needs to read your opinions!