Get 25% off the new - and very cool - Darth Vader helmet

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet deal
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The new Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader helmet replica is currently sitting at its lowest ever price thanks to a special coupon, and you can save $33 at Amazon if you move sharpish (there's no word on when the offer expires).

Getting down to brass tacks, that means you'll end up paying $98.99 at Amazon instead of nearly $132. Which is still a fair chunk of money and no mistake, but that's also the cheapest this hyper-detailed recreation has ever been. In fact, this Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader helmet hasn't budged from its MSRP since launching earlier in 2022.

Featuring a screen-accurate appearance, sounds pulled straight from the movie, and the ability to remove different sections just like in Return of the Jedi, this Darth Vader helmet is a pretty show-stopping piece of kit that'd make for the ultimate Star Wars Halloween costume (or one of the best Star Wars gifts for yourself ever). Because yes, you can wear it - this isn't just for show. 


Darth Vader helmet | $131.99 $98.99 at Amazon (with coupon)
Due to extreme attention to detail, this Darth Vader helmet looks as if it's been filched from a movie set. It also comes apart just like it did in the original trilogy, so it's the ultimate Star Wars costume. The downside? Shipping means it won't arrive until November.

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Speaking of Return of the Jedi, Hasbro just revealed their next Black Series replica as well - Luke Skywalker's trusty weapon from that movie. Featuring the same premium clash and wall-cutting effects seen in the Star Wars The Black Series Leia Organa Force FX Elite Lightsaber, it's currently up for pre-order for $264.99 at Zavvi.

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