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Gamestop gave gamers a ray of hope with an online PS5 restock this week, with another restock planned in-store on March 11th. Gamestop has not had a PS5 restock since the end of January; however, they have been more reliable with the stock on Xbox Series X consoles. Thanks to The Shortcut for the tip-off. 

It's worth noting that this latest round of PS5 stock has only been for Powerup Pro Members. Memberships still seem to be a trend when on the hunt for a PS5, with large retailers insisting on making them available for members only. However, if you do have a subscription it's worth checking out this week's earlier restock. The same PS5 bundles will be available in GameStop's in-store drop later this week. 

A PS5 Digital Editon also came with a PowerA DualSense Charging Station, Cosmic Red DaulSense Wireless Controller & Samsung 980 PRO 1TB SSD with Heatsink. Other bundles included a $50 Gamestop Gift Card, a $50 PSN Gift card and 12 Months of PS Plus, with prices starting at $658.97. 


PS5 Digital Edition | Charging Station | PS Plus | $50 PSN | $50GameStop Gift Card | $658.97 at GameStop
The Gamestop restock is offering some incredible bundle deals along with the PS5 Digital edition. These bundles included some great accessories, gift cards and a 1 year PS Plus subscription, which gives you a section of free games every month and exclusive online games only available for those with a PS Plus subscription. 


PS5 Digital Edition | Charging Station |Samsung 1TB SSD | Red DualSense Wireless Controller| $668.97 at Gamstop
The second bundle is slightly higher in price, but you get a 1TB SSD, which is perfect for any extra storage space you may need in the future. Now you don't need to debate what games you may need to sacrifice for storage space. 

Elsewhere, eyes are still on Amazon after announcing that more PS5 restocks will be coming during March but will be reserved for Prime members only. There was a long wait with Amazon after they finally had their first PS5 restock of the year at the end of last month. The Amazon Product page still states, "Amazon Prime customers will be given priority access to the PlayStation 5 through 3/31", So if you were hoping to get a PS5 via Amazon, keep your eyes peeled. 

Best Buy is the only major retailer not to have had a PS5 restock in February, with their last official restock being January 20th. They usually restock on Fridays, however their previous drop dates have been sporadic. It's worth noting that Best Buy has been forthcoming with Xbox Series X restocks, but their drop-rate on all current-gen consoles has been underwhelming. 

Previous PS5 restock dates

Which PS5 should you buy?

The PS5 launch gave gamers the choice of two consoles, the Digital version and Disk version. Both consoles perform exactly the same. The specs on both the digital and disk version are AMD Zen 2-based CPU, the same 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit memory, and the same 825GB SSD.


PS5 ($499.99) | Check at Amazon 
If you've got a lot of PS4 disks to run through, then this one's for you. The disk version is supports PS4 disks, making it easier to play any games previous gen titles without having to buy them all over again, and you'll benefit from discounts on physical PS5 games as well.


PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99) | Check at Amazon 
This digital version is for those of you who don't mind going completely disk-free. If you don't have large collection of physical PS4 games laying around then this one's perfect for you as you can download digital versions of games straight from the PS Store.

Finding PS5 restocks: our top tips

Consider a Membership
Nearly all major retailers are giving priority access to the PS5 restocks to those who are a member. If you've got the funds to spare you may want to consider getting one. 

Follow PS5 restock channels on social media.
There are loads of social media accounts are are dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on any news, hints and speculation regarding restocks on the PS5. Give them a follow to stay in the loop, so you're ready for the next PS5 restock. 

Learn your retailers
Many major retailers have a pretty reliable system on how often they restock on items. Try and watch them closely to see a pattern. Make sure to bookmark them and check in regularly on when the next possible drop is. 

Check for PS5 restocks today

We're rounding up all the latest PS5 deals on the best PS5 accessories, as well as all the latest Xbox Series X restock updates as well. 

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