Helldivers 2 gets icy new Warbond after Arrowhead holds community vote to decide whether it was "tone deaf" to do so after PSN debacle

Helldivers 2 Polar Patriots Warbond helldiver firing pummeler smg
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The new Helldivers 2 Warbond is out right now, thanks chiefly to the shooter's community voting for it to launch today.

The new Helldivers 2 Polar Patriots Warbond is out now, as you can see from the tweet below. We already knew the contents of the new Warbond, including three new outfits, three new primary weapons, a new pistol, several new grenades, and new capes and banners, so the contents of the new Warbond aren't a surprise.

The shooter's player base owes the new Warbond entirely to a community vote that took place yesterday, May 8. Helldivers 2's director was worried that releasing a new Warbond would be "tone deaf," given the whole recent PSN account linking debacle, and so they put it to a community vote on Twitter as to whether the Warbond should be released or delayed.

The results of the public poll below emphatically support the new Warbond. 73.9% of 182,437 voters said the Warbond shouldn't be delayed and that it wouldn't be "tone deaf" to put out a new paid-for Warbond. That's all good news for developer Arrowhead, which didn't have to alter its plans at the last minute.

"Thank you everybody for your contribution. Democracy has spoken!" director Johan Pilestedt wrote in a follow-up tweet. You can now jump into Helldivers 2 and bag all the new gear in Polar Patriots, and last week when the Warbond was revealed for the first time, the new pistol and SMG were going down a real treat with players for their firepower.

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