All Hades 2 weapons and the best ones to use

Hades 2 Weapon at the silver pool
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There are five Hades 2 weapons to unlock at the Silver Pool, each with their own Attacks, Specials, and Omega Moves at the cost of some Magick, providing plenty of ways to smite your foes. The Nocturnal Arms can also benefit from Daedalus Hammer upgrades and divine Boons, amping their power even more, and you can eventually unlock and upgrade Hades 2 Aspects for each weapon that can change how a weapon works significantly. Below, I've ranked the best Hades 2 weapons and have explained how they work and how to unlock them.

Best Hades 2 weapons

Hades 2 Weapon Aspects for Sister Blades

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Most of the Nocturnal Arms are perfectly adequate in Hades 2 at the very least, but a couple of them are hard to put back in the Silver Pool because they're so powerful and fun to use. I've ranked the best Hades 2 weapons below based on my experience using them across multiple runs, facing all sorts of enemies and bosses:

  1. Sister Blades: Lim and Oros' can pretty much do it all, but their single-target and close-range damage is where they really shine. Rapid stabs stun and wear down regular enemies, the Omega Attack is great for burst damage, and the ranged Special is useful for applying various curses and effects.
  2. Moonstone Axe and Argent Skull: These weapons are similar in that they deal high amounts of damage per Attack and have incredibly powerful and wide-reaching Omega Specials but can be slow to use – obviously the main difference is that the Axe is a melee weapon and the Argent Skull is ranged. Both also have a bit of learning curve but are very effective in the right hands.
  3. Witch's Staff: Melinoe's starting weapons is a solid option that's easy to use but is a bit of a master-of-none weapon. Its standard Attacks have good range but are far weaker than the Sister Blades, and the Omega Moves deal solid damage in a wider area, but not as well as the Axe or Skull.
  4. Umbral Flames: Unfortunately, the flames are easily the worst weapon in Hades 2. They're awkward to use, require almost constant Magick, and deal underwhelming damage. Even the Aspects don't help much.

All Hades 2 weapons and how to unlock them

Hades 2 weapons unlocked at Silver Pool

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The current Hades 2 early access build has five Nocturnal Arms available for players to unlock at the Silver Pool. Getting all the weapons in Hades 2 takes a while as you'll need to do a lot of mining with the Crescent Pick to gather the necessary resources, and you have to wait for the Silver Pool to reveal certain weapons before you can unlock them. Below I've explained how each of the weapons works and have listed the resources you need to unlock them:

Hades 2 Witch's Staff, Descura

Hades 2 Witch's Staff weapon Omega Attack

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A magic staff that Melinoe uses for precise melee Attacks with considerable reach and longer-range Specials and Omega Attacks. Her basic Attack combo deals low damage but can easily hit multiple enemies at once, while her special can be easily spammed to apply different Curses and effects.

This is Melinoe's starting weapon and is unlocked by default.

Hades 2 Sister Blades, Lim and Oros

Hades 2 Sister Blades weapons hitting enemies

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A dagger and sickle used together for a mix of short-range sweeps and stabs, dealing high damage to enemies up close. For the Special, Melinoe tosses the dagger out dealing low damage, but channeling the Omega Special allows up to five daggers to be thrown in a fan pattern to hit multiple enemies. This Special is also good for applying Curses and effects to many enemies at once.

Unlocked at the Silver Pool for:

  • 1 Silver: Mined using the Crescent Pick in Erebus.

Hades 2 Moonstone Axe, Zorephet

Hades 2 Moonstone Axe weapon swinging

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A hefty axe that deals significant damage with each sweep and strike, but is very slow to use, leaving Melinoe open to harm. To mitigate this, the Special attack can be used to briefly block almost any kind of damage and can then be channeled with Magick to create three blasts in a straight line in front, dealing massive damage.

Unlocked at the Silver Pool for:

  • 15 Silver: Mined in Erebus.

Hades 2 Umbral Flames, Ygnium

Hades 2 Umbral Flames weapon

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A pair of torches that spit magick ghost orbs at enemies that deal low damage on impact and pass through enemies. Fire continuously and eventually the size and damage of the ghost orbs will increase substantially, consuming five Magick per shot. To protect you up close, the Umbral Flames' Special creates one fiery orb that spirals outwards from Melinoe, dealing damage on impact, and the Omega version creates two fire orbs that orbit Melinoe for a few seconds.

Unlocked at the Silver Pool for:

Hades 2 Argent Skull, Revaal

Hades 2 Argent Skull weapon exploding enemies

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The Argent Skull gets three exploding Shells that you can fire using the Attack or Omega Attack, which has better aiming and higher damage. The catch is that the Shells must be retrieved after firing by running nearby. To collect spent Shells a bit faster, you can use the Special to dash and deal a little damage as Melinoe holds the Skull in front of her, but spending Magick for the Omega Special causes her to fly forward in a straight line, firing high-damage projectiles either side of her.

Unlocked at the Silver Pool for:

While those are all the weapons in Hades 2 for now, Supergiant Games has said it is going to add a sixth weapon to the game, and there's even an extra slot at the Silver Pool for it. As well as another weapon, the Hades 2 roadmap also says more Aspects will come in a future update too. As for what this weapon could be, Melinoe is lacking an almost purely defensive option like Zagreus' Aegis shield, so she could get some sort of defensive ward weapon.

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