Fortnite Weapon X Lab: Where to visit it

Fortnite Weapon X Lab
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The Fortnite Weapon X Lab is a landmark that was inaccessible until recently, but now the doors have been torn wide open so that players can get inside. If you weren't already aware, Weapon X is a research project featured in Marvel lore, which produced characters such as Wolverine and Deadpool who have already appeared in the battle royale. The opening of this bunker coincides with the release of Fortnite Magneto Power, which is also linked to the Marvel universe, and you'll need to get into it for one of the related quests. With that in mind, here's how to visit the Weapon X Lab in Fortnite.

Where to visit the Weapon X Lab in Fortnite

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To visit the Weapon X Lab in Fortnite, you need to make your way to the east side of the island and the snowy biome, then make your way up the mountain to the south of the Grand Glacier named location and look for the entrance to a bunker buried in the snow. The entrance to this was previously sealed shut, but it now appears to have been ripped open by some powerful entity.

Inside the Fortnite Weapon X Lab

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To actually visit the Fortnite Weapon X Lab, you just need to pass through the broken blast doors and go down the stairs into the lab itself, at which point you'll see this particular entry in the Fortnite quests get ticked off your list. Other than a few chests and ammo boxes to search, there isn't much else to do down in the lab, though the broken containment chamber with a banana skin in the bottom of it could be a hint towards a future character in the battle royale storyline.

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