Fortnite Magneto Power: Where to get it and how to use it

Fortnite Magneto Power
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Fortnite Magneto Power is a fresh weapon you can harness to fire explosive blasts of metal and energy at your opponents, as well as using it to summon a metallic shield that will protect you from incoming hits. These Magneto Gauntlets can be difficult to track down, which is probably a good thing given how powerful they are once a player gets their hands on (or should that be in) them, but there is a way you can guarantee collecting them... if you're quick enough. To find out more, here's how to get Magneto Power in Fortnite and what you can do once you've equipped the Magneto Gauntlets.

Where to get Magneto Power in Fortnite

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To get Magneto Power in Fortnite, you can try relying on the RNG to see if they turn up randomly as floor loot around the island or drop from searching chests. However, there is one guaranteed way to get it, and that's by heading to the Brawler's Battleground named location found in the southeast corner of the island. When you arrive there, look for Wastelander Magneto – one of the Fortnite characters – who can be identified by a speech bubble icon showing on both the minimap and your main gameplay view.

Purchasing Fortnite Magneto Power from Wastelander Magneto

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Once you reach this NPC, you can interact with them and buy the Magneto Power in Fortnite for 400 bars, but be warned that he only has one of this item in stock per match and there are plenty of other players trying to get their hands on it. This means it's likely you'll have to go directly to Wastelander Magneto at this location as soon at the match starts for a chance to grab this rare weapon from them, so aim to drop directly into Brawler's Battleground and speed up your descent by landing on a nearby rooftop then falling down to the ground. Of course, if you eliminate an opponent who managed to get the Magneto Power first then you can collect it from their dropped loot, though they'll be difficult to take down due to the benefits this weapon provides.

How to use Fortnite Magneto Power

Using Fortnite Magneto Power to damage an opponent

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With the Fortnite Magneto Power equipped, you have two separate functions available. Right trigger is Fire, which briefly hovers you in the air before launching a ball of metal and energy ahead of you to deal significant damage. You can hold up to five charges of this attack, and each one used takes around 5-6 seconds to recharge before it can be fired again. Left trigger is Block, which summons a shield of metal in front of you that will absorb a reasonable amount of incoming fire before it's broken.

Once you've completed the initial Collect Magneto Power entry in the Fortnite quests, there are several other tasks to tick off using this weapon. You can Hit vehicles using Magneto Power on stationary cars, though each will only take a maximum of three or four hits before exploding so you'll need a few of them, and to Travel distance in the air with Magneto Power equipped you can jump before firing it to move further. Moving on to Page 2, you'll need to Eliminate opponents with Magneto Power and Block hits using the Magneto Power, so track down some enemies and put your combat skills to the test.

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