Even Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her says Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss was "kicking my butt," but he's finally emerged victorious: "Now I rest for a bit"

Malenia seen in Elden Ring's cinematic story trailer.
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If you've been struggling to beat Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss, you're not alone, because even community legend Let Me Solo Her says the DLC's toughest foe was "kicking my butt" before he finally emerged victorious over the weekend.

Let Me Solo Her's Elden Ring skills are truly next level – he's the iconic Tarnished warrior who made it his mission to help players everywhere struggling to beat the base game's hardest boss, Malenia, by strolling into their arenas and taking her on all on his own, wearing nothing but a jar on his head. Considering he's defeated her thousands of times, you might think he'd find the new DLC a breeze, but it sounds like he's been struggling just as much as the rest of us on certain bosses. Be warned that there are spoilers ahead for the final boss. 

"The final boss is kicking my butt [right now]," Let Me Solo Her tweeted at the end of last week, along with a very relatable black and white image of his Tarnished looking completely defeated. The jar is still on, mind you, but even without his face, the emotion is obvious, and anyone who's fought Promised Consort Radahn will most likely know it well.

While on one hand, it's reassuring for anyone out there also fighting for their life against those deadly sword and Holy attacks that even one of the most talented players in the community thinks Radahn's tough, it's also rather terrifying. After all, if someone who's beaten Malenia thousands of times is stuck, is there any hope for the rest of us? Yesterday, however, he delivered the update we'd all been waiting for – Radahn had fallen. 

"I have beaten the final boss of the DLC... now I rest for a bit," Let Me Solo Her writes on Discord. 

To put it into context, though, Let Me Solo Her tells GamesRadar+ in a recent interview that he also struggled with the Dancing Lion and Rellana – the first two main bosses of the DLC. "I had a tough time fighting them and got some help from summons," he says. 

It makes sense. After all, he'd spent hours upon hours perfecting Malenia, but learning the moves and weaknesses of any new boss takes time – just because you've got one battle down to a tee doesn't mean the rest of the game will be a cakewalk. Even so, he tells us that he thinks the DLC's "difficulty level was fair," and advises players to "use everything at your disposal" if they're getting their butts kicked.

Radahn struggles aside, Let Me Solo Her has taken on a new identity for Shadow of the Erdtree, and is appearing in players' worlds as Let Me Solo Him, with an updated mission to help people beat Messmer the Impaler. While not as tough as Radahn, Messmer is still a very difficult mandatory boss who you need to defeat in order to continue the expansion's story, so the jar-headed icon is once again doing his part to make the lives of Tarnished everywhere a bit easier. 

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