Let Me Solo Her has played Elden Ring for almost 1,000 hours and beaten Malenia over 4,000 times

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Elden Ring community pillar Let Me Solo Her says he's put nearly 1,000 hours into The Lands Between, and beaten Malenia at least 4,000 times in the process.

Speaking with GamesRadar+ as part of a broader interview reflecting on a year of Elden Ring and his hopes for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, Let Me Solo Her explained that "I stopped counting officially but I'm confident that I'm over 4,000 Malenia's slain." 

Across five or six different Elden Ring characters, three of them bearing his iconic name, he's approaching 1,000 hours logged – and despite that, he's still "exploring The Lands Between and discovering new things I haven't seen before." 

As of 10 months ago, Let Me Solo Her had beaten Malenia 1,000 times (before immediately restarting the game after hitting the milestone), so while he hasn't been playing Elden Ring or fighting Malenia as heavily, the peerless warrior has clearly kept up the good fight. I've beaten Malenia exactly two times, and that's been enough for me so far. 

Not long hitting the big 1,000, Let Me Solo Her expressed hopes that other players would follow his lead and help their fellow Tarnished in the fight against Malenia as well as other bosses. Plenty of people certainly heard the call; we've seen imitators like Let Us Duo Her and Let Me Solo Them, and Let Me Solo Her was actually able to speak with them and a few others. "They talked about how much I inspired them to do what they do and that makes me happy," he said.

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