Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her hero slays Malenia 1,000 times, restarts the game

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her hero has beaten Malenia 1,000 times, and has restarted the entire game.

Last month, Let Me Solo Her rose to glory among the Elden Ring community, as a player who would specifically be summoned into the worlds of others to solo Malenia, arguably the hardest boss in the entire game. Now, the player has actually beaten the boss a grand total of 1,000 times, capped off by a celebratory livestream, a screenshot of which you can see just below.

Beating the Blade of Miquella 1,000 times must surely have taken their toll on the player somewhat, because they've sort of announced their retirement from the feat. At the end of the livestream, the player thanked viewers for their support over the last month, and revealed publisher Bandai Namco had been in contact and wanted to send over a special gift to the player as a reward.

Let Me Solo Her also announced they'd actually be starting Elden Ring over from scratch. As if the hero of the Elden Ring community somehow hasn't had enough of the new RPG already, they're apparently going all the way back to the start of The Lands Between to do the entire thing over again.

Who knows, maybe we'll see Let Me Solo Her again someday, roaming the world of Elden Ring in search of another challenge. It's been an absolute pleasure watching this player ascend to overnight stardom among the Elden Ring community, and we wish them all the best for whatever incredible endeavour comes next. In the meantime, you can summon in your very own version of Let Me Solo Her thanks to this brilliant mod

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