Elden Ring finds its first anti-hero: Let Her Solo Me, a player who just wants Malenia to kill them

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The perfect foil to Elden Ring community hero Let Me Solo Her has arrived: Let Her Solo Me is a new player who just wants Malenia to kill them. 

Let Me Solo Her became something of a legend almost overnight, wowing players with their prowess when it comes to defeating Malenia, often without taking so much as a scratch. Cue fan art, memes, and reverence and awe from players struggling against the boss fight after fight. Now, Let Her Solo Me is doing the exact opposite: they take on Malenia alone, but with a death wish. 

That's right, Let Her Solo Me has one goal in life: to let Malenia mercilessly slaughter them. Redditor u/hegelypuff (opens in new tab) shared a recent encounter with the player, who looks an awful lot like Let Me Solo Her. Armed with katanas, this player strides into multiplayer games seemingly ready to defeat Malenia, only to stand stock-still and soak up everything she throws at them, reliably resulting in instant death.

It's actually quite mesmerizing to watch, though likely nowhere near as impressive considering we've all probably lost to Malenia in the span of a few seconds without meaning to. Many of us, however, likely haven't defeated her with the calm, cool, and collected demeanor of Let Me Solo Her. 

let_her_solo_me_which_one_of_you_is_this_lol from r/Eldenring

With such similar names, it's highly likely that the players Let Her Solo Me came into contact with initially thought they were being graced with the presence of a legend. Imagine their disappointment when their summoned help struts into battle and dies immediately. Uh, thanks?

Keep an eye out for this anti-hero when playing through Elden Ring. You never know when they might pop up. 

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Brittany Vincent