Let Me Solo Her is now Let Me Solo Him in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and he's ready to kill Messmer for you

Elden Ring DLC Messmer
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Elden Ring community legend Klein Tsuboi – best known as Let Me Solo Her – is back, this time with an updated name and mission as he sets out on a new quest to help struggling Tarnished everywhere beat Shadow of the Erdtree's extra spicy mandatory boss, Messmer the Impaler.

Let Me Solo Her rose to fame back in 2022, when he first began offering his services to players struggling to beat the hardest boss from Elden Ring's base game, Malenia. Wearing nothing but a jar on his head, the noble Tarnished did exactly what his name suggested, and would take on Malenia alone while the player he was helping stood safely off to one side, and over time, he defeated her thousands of times. Now, though, in an announcement on Twitter and YouTube, it seems a new era is upon us, as the player has transformed into Let Me Solo Him. 

The iconic jar helmet is still intact, but this time, the player is rocking a new cloak, and it's Messmer who's at the other end of his sword. In a video on YouTube, Let Me Solo Him has shown off one of these solo fights already, demonstrating an absolutely flawless run where he defeats Messmer in less than four minutes without getting hit once. "It's time," he writes in the video description.

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Anyone who's fought Messmer will know that that's no mean feat – he's a fast, aggressive boss who leaves few opportunities for you to swing at him without being swiftly met with a spear or scorching flames in your face. While he offers a fair fight, there's no denying that he's brutal to learn, and he's an enemy you absolutely have to defeat if you want to progress Shadow of the Erdtree's story. With that in mind, you can imagine players feeling totally stuck on him would love nothing more than to see Let Me Solo Him's summon sign appear outside the boss door. 

Whether Let Me Solo Him will be taking on Messmer with the same gusto as he did Malenia remains to be seen, but if someone with a jar on their head appears to help you in the fight, just be aware that you may well be in the presence of a legend.

If you want to get equipped for the fight against Messmer, be sure to check out our guide to the best weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree for all builds.

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