Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her is also getting their butt whooped by Shadow of the Erdtree's Rellana, Dancing Lion, and final boss, so they "got some help from summons"

Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her sits on a cliff facing a caste on the horizon
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It's not just you - Elden Ring's legendary hero Let Me Solo Her (or should it be Let Me Solo Him now?) is also struggling with a bunch of bosses featured in the mega-expansion Shadow of the Erdtree.

For the untarnished among us, Let Me Solo Her/Him gained somewhat mythical status within the game's community, as the naked figure clad in nothing but a jar head showed up in thousands of players' games to help them beat the base Elden Ring's infamously tough Malenia boss fight - hence the name: they soloed Malenia over and over and over again like a pair of cosmically connected foes.

Even Let Me Solo Her struggled with the boss for a long time after the game's release, before eventually mastering the fight and then helping others who were once in their position. It seems that even after thousands of matches against one of gaming's hardest baddies, Let Me Solo Her is still struggling just as much as the rest of us in the Land of Shadow.

"I would say Rellana was a pretty big hurdle for most players entering the DLC, as well as the Dancing Lion boss," the player said in an interview with this very website (Gamesradar), "I had a tough time fighting them and got some help from summons." Over on social media, the player mentions that "the final boss is kicking my butt." Lots to look forward to for fans of self-induced pain, then.

Let Me Solo Her isn't just here to perfect boss fights, though. Their favorite part of the expansion is simply "seeing the rush of people just enjoying the DLC through summons/invasions and all the memes happening on social media." But they're also having fun experimenting with new builds that they find "interesting or cool," even though "the jar-helmet is still a must-have."

FromSoftware once again reignited debate around difficulty in games as Shadow of the Erdtree was met with a surprisingly mixed reaction at launch with many complaining it was simply too hard. There might have been some truth to that if even jar-head was struggling, but it seems all people needed was a little time to find their feet as reviews on Steam have since shot back up to 'Mostly Positive.'

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