Gal Gadot says her Wonder Woman can practically fly

Gal Gadot has been talking about her incarnation of Wonder Woman, touching on some of the character’s super-powers and revealing she can “practically fly”.

It had previously been revealed that her version of the character will be the daughter of Zeus, but up until now it hasn’t been clear exactly what kind of powers she will be bestowed with…

“She has unbelievable endurance,” says Gadot to Robot Underdog. “She is exceptionally strong. She can jump really high and practically fly. She knows tons of martial arts styles. She is a strong and serious woman.”

And while the training Gadot has had to endure has been gruelling, she admits that she gets a kick out of pushing herself to her physical limits.

“It was very intensive,” says the star. “When I was young I was a real tomboy so I really enjoyed the experience. I see [my daughter] wanting to dress like a princess and put on lipstick and it surprises me. I asked my mom if I was like that too but she said all I wanted back then was to play ball, sweat, and scrape my knees.”

Directed by Michelle MacLaren, Wonder Woman will open in the US on 23 June 2017, with a UK date to be confirmed.

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