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A sneaky peek at our new issue and what we got up to over Christmas in our New Year peek behind the curtain

Before the collective tantrum, however, there’s just enough time to fill you in on the Crimbletide goings on around the office and give you a first glimpse at our latest issue, which hits shelves next Wednesday (12 Jan). As well as the features on Paul , Thor and Supernatural which grace the spiffing cover, inside you’ll also find a look at the beeb’s new sci-fi show Outcasts , Being Human USA and retro features on Carnivàle , An American Werewolf In London and Nicholas Meyer. For more information check out our full issue preview later today.

After a glorious Crimbo spent almost exclusively in front of the TV, Jordan is starting to feel cursed after missing his second screening in as many months. He missed the first, Black Swan , after someone threw themselves on the train line just outside London. And yesterday he skipped a screening of Battle: Los Angeles after developing Labyrinthitis – an inner ear infection that left him so dizzy he spent most of the day curled up in the foetal position. He’d be much more excited about his cool, SF-sounding, affliction if it hadn’t make him feel like he’d spent all night on a rollercoaster. Still, as Rich pointed out, at least it didn’t involve being chased round a magical maze by an army of Muppets and David Bowie’s codpiece.

Nick found himself engaged in an improbable bout of physical exercise yesterday, legging it after Rob, who was on his way to London for a screening, blissfully unaware that it had been cancelled the very minute he'd left the office. Given that no one here actually had Rob's mobile number - well, he is new - the only way to stop him boarding the train was to pelt through the streets of Bath like a madman (seriously, who runs in public?) and execute a Seagal-style slo-mo dive onto Platform Two, crying "Nooooooooooooooooo!" Nick was later wrapped in a foil blanket and fed watery orange juice before a nice lie down, but he won't shut up about these amazing things he's discovered called endorphins. Well, it's one way to burn off the Christmas Belgian choc blow-out.

Rich has already forgotten about the Christmas break, apart from the ace Doctor Who special, finally getting around to watching the flawless Toy Story 3 and staying up late to watch the Ashes. (I had to take advantage of my Mum and Dad having Sky Sports). Now it’s straight back into a steady diet of Weekender planning, sorting out the latest issue and trying to stave off a cold. Russell meanwhile, fresh from getting 7,346 Thornton chocolates and a toilet brush for Christmas, is now buried deep in work putting the finishing touching to his vampire special. There are only a few days to deadline and it’s all a bit manic. Be nice if he managed to give us just a little smile sometimes, though...


Random Quote Of The Week: “That’s not a publicity still from Neverland, that’s a publicity still from Hook.”

Whose Christmas present? (Last month’s answer: they were Rich's trainers!)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.