In which we break our hands playing with fake Lego, have an Experience with a Silurian and welcome another two issues into the world

If you’ve been reading FROM THE SFX OFFICE for the past 63 gripping installments (eep!) you’ll know that we work hard at SFX Towers. Bloomin’ hard. So hard in fact that even with a team of 10 and a legion of freelancers, producing 138 pages of gooey sci-fi goodness every month, long hours are the norm. But we’d be mad to complain because short of “chocolate taster” or “Jedi Knight”, working for SFX is just about the best job in the galaxy.

Take today – while Dave G is writing about his Merlin set visit (featuring the Greatest Headline Of All Time), Ian is simultaneously editing a zombie special and SFX ’s reviews section, Catherine’s been grabbing images from Angel for an upcoming feature, Dave B and Jon have been in the photo studio to take Dave’s latest Ed Zone picture, Rich has been re-watching “Let’s Kill Hitler” for his review, Jordan’s been, er, writing FROM THE OFFICE and Rob’s been constructing Halo ersatz-Lego. And today’s a slow day.

Yesterday was much more exciting (for us at least) because we finally took delivery of Comic Heroes 8 (out Friday) and SFX 213 – after what feel like ages since subscribers got their hands on their copies. Like what you see? Then be sure to join in the debate over on the forum . Or buy a copy for your Gran, we guarantee* she’ll love it. Oh, and there was a Cyberman wandering round the office on Tuesday. Random.

Ian is running around like a blue-arsed fly at the moment simultaneously trying to whip the reviews section into shape and organise a thousand details for our upcoming Ultimate Guide To Zombies special - which is shaping up pretty nicely. The cover is on draft four, the free poster art is in progress, and seven features are fitted and proofed. Now all he needs to do over the Bank Holiday weekend is get round to writing up those four features. Yikes!

Russell's chuffed because he got FOUR goals in last Monday's Future Publishing Cup semi-final. Next up: the final (another one). He just hopes his legs don't go and the rest of him survives deadline week. Dave G is back in the office today after a trip to the Doctor Who Experience in the capital yesterday where he saw a Silurian made up before his eyes. Rob meanwhile, Mr-happy-go-lucky first thing with the prospect of a morning playing with toys for the collectables spread ahead of him, is still in recovery after spending nearly two hours constructing Halo Lego Bloks. It took so long in fact that our flip cam ran out of space before the end:

[VAMS id="0C1L2Q4CqtnU0"]

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Rich has been the talk of Twitter after his appearance on BBC 4’s rock hard quiz show Only Connect . We won’t spoil the result, but if you like to see posh kids beaten into submission you can catch it on the iPlayer . He’s also been writing his review of “Let's Kill Hitler” for (he says, “It's excellent! And you won't believe it when XXX does XXX to XXX.”), processing news pages and getting set for a long weekend in France. Tres bien!

Jordan’s been enjoying his evening’s watching old Who , and getting increasingly excited about Star Wars on Blu-ray. He’s also started playing Alan Wake after borrowing an Xbox from regular SFX scribe Matt Pellett and has taken to bringing a flashlight (and spare batteries) to bed with him. Creeeepy. Ade is still laughing at the thought of returning from lunch this week to find a Cyberman sat at his desk trying to dial out - genius!

*Not an actual guarantee


Random Quote Of The Week : “Oh, sod off tomatoes.”

Whose Glasses? (last week’s answer – they were Dave G’s awesome Riddler kicks!)

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