Harry Potter fever and Transformers tantrums in this week’s behind-the-scenes peek into the SFX office

Has it already been a week since we last spoke? Boy, how time flies when you’re having fun, or in our case putting in the hours for deadline week. Not that we can’t make our own fun in an office full of Captain America pop-up frisbees and enough sci-fi merchandise to fill your average Toys ’R Us.

Only this Monday, much to Jordan’s excitement, the latest line-up of Transformers arrived in the office. Swanky box aside though, it was a crushing disappointment for the child of the ’80s action figures after it took him an astonishing/embarrassing 16 minutes (with the instructions) to transform Optimus from battle bot to truck. Either kids are a lot smarter these days or Hasbro are training the next generation of brain surgeons. In other news Jordan is off to London to see Harold Potter And The Extremely Long Title: Part 2 tomorrow (eek!) and spent the best part of his weekend catching up on DLC now that his internets have finally been switched on – finally getting round to discovering the rather brilliant Braid . The 3DS E-store has also been eating into his every spare minute: Tennis ! Alleyway ! Kirby’s Dream Land! Ah, sweet nostalgia…

Between houses and relying on the charity of his co-workers, this week Rob has had the pleasure of staying at both Russell and Dave's swish pads. At the weekend, he gets to move into his own new place, but until then remains pathetically grateful to his wonderful colleagues for putting up with his bizarre morning rituals. In other news, he took a tour round Television Centre as part of a press day for new BBC Three show The Fades , saw David Tennant drop the f-bomb with aplomb in Fright Night , and is approaching the half way mark of A Feast For Crows . Roll on July 12th and A Dance With Dragons ...

Dave G is in recovery after actually enjoying an episode of Teen Wolf last night (episode six for those wondering). Jordan’s not convinced and hasn’t got past the first 10 minutes of episode one yet. Rich meanwhile popped along to Bath’s second finest cinema last night (no names) for a late screening of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and came out disliking Optimus, of all things. “He’s too boring and preachy," Rich declared. Of all the crimes against Transformers in those films, surely that is the greatest. He, Dave B and Ade are also planning their Comic Con down to the finest detail as we speak, be sure to check back on the site in two weeks for the latest news from the show floor.

It’s been a triumphant week for Russell after scoring two in the big game on Monday and placing 3rd (out of 26) in the Brain of Bath general knowledge quiz last Thursday (along with team mates Dave G and Rich). He’s been celebrating by, er, subbing pages till all hours.


Random Quote Of The Week : “I don’t want your filler questions.”

Whose Pockets? (Last week’s answer: it was Jordan’s mug! He has a lot of mugs)

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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