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The final push of the new issue and some tantalising hints about what to expect in this week’s peek inside SFX Towers

Deadline madness week in the office! Absolute utter craziness actually. Things reached a strange peak last night when Jon, Catherine, Russell and Dave B started debating whether a member of staff dying would warrant a full page obit in the mag, a spread, or just a small boxout. Amount of time on SFX and closeness to the readers were given as deciding factors.

Russell also went a bit stir crazy at 10.15 and – don’t try this at home, kids – squirted a little hand sanitiser into a glass of water, mixed it with his finger and drank it down. “It tastes just like vodka!” the loon exclaimed.

At the time of writing we’re mere moments away from sending the new issue to the printers, in fact by the time you read this the team may well be in a state of post deadline euphoria, scoffing cake and feeling the weight off our shoulders. There’s nothing quite like post-deadline relief, giving birth doesn’t even come close (*note: this may not be true). There’s still two weeks to go till the new-look SFX goes on sale on 6 April, but FROM THE OFFICE can reveal that the cover will feature exclusive imagery from our latest Doctor Who shoot and a world’s first TARDIS soundcard! Exciting, eh?

Tomorrow seems a million miles away at the moment, but not for SFX reader Jon Gillam we bet, because in less than 24 hours he’ll be joining us to experience FROM THE OFFICE first hand. Jon won the opportunity to spend a day in SFX Towers in Ade’s charity auction at the SFX Weekender you see. Probably best to cross “Tea-making duties” off the list then.

Ade is back to his bonkers self and spent yesterday with HBO talking all things True Blood . He's looking forward to a long weekend off and, of course, his other passion Formula One which starts this Sunday. Eeeek!

Ian generally spends a lot of time thinking about zombies, but they’re consuming his every waking thought at the moment as he weaves his plans for a forthcoming special issue on all things undead ( announced here the other day – subscribe to the specials now and you save 10%).

When he’s not obsessing about zombies, he’s obsessing about Twitter, having trended in the UK for the second week running (see pictorial proof), just behind “Shatner”. Finally, he’s unreasonably excited about the eBay purchase that arrived this morning, and looking forward to spending the weekend listening to the likes of “Kraal disorientation chamber” and “Gallifreyan staser gun (three blasts)”.

Cursed by the Xbox gods and cast into gamers’ purgatory until it can be fixed, Rob has been spending his time re-reading Nemesis The Warlock , watching The Walking Dead all over again for Comic Heroes . He has also been slowly recovering from being in a meeting with Terry Pratchett last Friday, with the help of a trained councillor and lots of sugary tea.

Nick is in London for a very exciting, Who -related tête à tête, while Jordan has been spending the week having a jolly old time with a 3DS. In the absence of any actual games (still) he’s been playing Zelda: Spirit Tracks and creating Miis of the entire team (see below). He also won office brownie points yesterday after bringing in a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the team, which he was giving free at the train station (win!) and watched Richard Stanley’s Hardware for the first time. He now lives in fear of all loose wires, which would be a problem if he ever actually did DIY.


Random Quote Of The Week: “ I once auditioned to be a singing dog.”

Whose Mii: (last week’s answer: it was Jordan’s stuff! And yes you have to guess who each member of the team is. Sorry about the picture quality, we haven't worked out how to screengrab yet)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.