Friday Link-A-Mania

Plans To Resurrect Jericho Again
Jericho truly is a zombie show. It refuses to die! The post-nuclear apocalypse series was saved from cancellation once by fans and came back for a second season... only to be swiftly axed once more. Now, producer Jon Turteltaub tells IF magazine that he's planning a movie spin-off: "We’re developing a feature for Jericho,” says Turteltaub. “It would not require you to have seen the TV show, but it get into life after an event like this on a national scale. It would be the bigger, full on American version of what’s going on beyond the town in Jericho.” Of course, there's a big difference between "developing" and actually getting a studio to green light you, but with this show's Lazarus tendencies, we wouldn't dismiss its chances out of hand.

Heroes' Future Looking More Secure
Looks like Heroes will avoid the axe this season. Angela Bromstad, the new president of prime-time entertainment for NBC, says she expects writer/producer Bryan Fuller's return to Heroes to bring the show back to its creative peak and that the network expects to pick the show up for a fourth season, according to Sci Fi Wire . Apparently she feels that the Fuller effect can already be felt in the upcoming Volume Four (or second half of season three to the rest of us): "There is almost nothing that the audience needs to know from the previous volume in order to follow its storyline. One of the goals of 'Fugitives' is to reset our characters back into the 'real world'. It is also a chance to set up a situation where they'll need to find each other again and join forces in order to save themselves."

Keanu Goes Boppin'
Keanu Reeves is set to star in a big screen live action version of anime series Cowboy Bebop, according to Variety . Reeves will play Spike Spiegel, an adventurous bounty hunter travelling through space in 2071.

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma (Superbad) Stone are set to star in the horror/comedy Zombieland for Columbia Pictures, reports Variety . Ruben Fleischer will direct the pic, which is about a bunch of survivors who team up to fight the living dead in the post-apocalyptic South West after a zombie plague ravages America.

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