Friday Link-A-Mania

Heroes Cast Addition
Actor Ntare Mwine has been added to the recurring cast of Heroes season three. The Hollywood Reporter says he will play an artistic African who is close to many of the original heroes. His special abilities will be developed throughout his nine-episode arc… probably very, very slowly. This is not his first appearance in Heroes, although only those with the Season One DVD box set will have seen him; he played the terrorist in the unaired pilot in a subplot that was cut by the time of the broadcast pilot.

Iron Man 2 Fast-Tracked
Jon Favreau has now signed on the dotted line to direct Iron Man 2, reckons Deadline Hollywood , with the film given a proposed release date of 2010. This despite Favreau a couple of weeks back telling anybody and everybody who'd care to listen (and especially those prepared to post it on the internet) that he would like to see the second film given a longer development period.

Buzz Blames Sci-Fi
Science fiction is partly to blame for the real life space race going off the rails, astronaut Buzz Aldrin Jr tells Sci Fi Wire . "I blame the fantastic and unbelievable shows about space flight and rocket ships that are on today," says the second man to have stepped on the moon. "All the shows where they beam people around and things like that have made young people think that that is what the space program should be doing. It's not realistic."

DC Eyes Up Marvel’s Movie Model
Seems like Marvel’s recent success as a film production company, overseeing such box office hits based on its own properties such as Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, has got DC thinking about updating its own more hotchpotch approach to licensing out its characters for big screen adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter , "In the course of the past couple of weeks, Warner Bros Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov and Warner Bros Pictures president Kevin McCormick have been meeting with DC Comics executives as well some of DC's top talents, like Jim Lee, to discuss a new direction for film adaptations."

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