Friday Link-A-Mania

Lost Long Version of Metropolis Discovered
A "lost" version of German silent SF classic Metropolis has been discovered in Buenos Aires, with scenes that haven't been seen for over 80 years. According to Zeit Online this long version was sent to Argentina in 1928 to be shown theatrically and then the print fell into the hands of a private collector before being sold in the 1960s to Argentina’s National Art Fund, which didn’t really have a clue quite how valuable the reels were. Let’s just hope Giorgio Moroder doesn’t decide this an excuse to write a few more crappy songs (Geri Halliwell doing a Europop version of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria", anyone?) for an extended version of his ’80s desecration of the great film.

Star Trike
Somebody’s pimped the Enterprise (erm, except isn’t pimping suppose to make your vehicle look cool?) SFX editor Dave Bradley spotted this while browsing the net and it rather amused him. It’s actually pretty ancient – the pic is from the ’80s – but hey, this is the kind of guff the internet thrives on. What we want to see is Jeremy Clarkson giving it a road test. Next up - the TARDIS crossed with a Smart Car.

Matthew Graham interview
Cheers to the guys at Geek Syndicate who told us about a 40-minute Matthew Graham interview they have in their latest podcast. Graham is not only the creator of Bonekickers, but co-creator of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes as well as writer of the Doctor Who episode "Fear Her". There’s also lost of other stuff worth a listen on the podcast, which you can find here .