Fresh STALKER shots emerge

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl continues its steady march towards a PC launch later this year, and to keep your flames of interest burning we've dug up some new images from the subterranean, monster-infested tunnels that await in your quest to uncover valuable radioactive artefacts. Click the images tab above to see more.

Above: The facility's underground tunnels are now warrens of gloomy, beastie-haunted corridors

There's also an eerie panoramic view of Prypiat, the abandoned, irradiated city overlooking Chernobyl's infamous crumbling reactor, to whet your appetite for STALKER 's intriguing brand of freeform exploration. As for a confirmed release date, we're still in the dark - but we can't imagine developer GSC Game World allowing its already overdue adventure to slip yet again. Fingers crossed.

January 5, 2007