Free Hitchhikers Coaster with SFX magazine only in Tesco

It’s a problem we’ve all faced at some point or another. You’ve taken that first sip of a mind-melting Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, liquidised brains about to dribble out of your head’s aural orifices when, without thought, you place the frosty, bubbling glass directly on your partner’s/parent’s prized coffee table.

It’s enough to earn you a lifetime of enforced Vogon poetry recitals in some parts, but fear not – Tesco and SFX magazine have your back. Only in stores, Tesco are giving away a splendid Hitchhiker’s coaster with every copy of SFX magazine issue 189. Not only will it save you hours of ring removing hassle, it sports a marvellous Hitchhiker’s branded design and doubles as a mini Frisbee for small dogs (note: that last part isn’t actually true, or safe. Probably).

Issue 189 featuring exclusive interviews with Russell T Davies and David Tennant on The Water Of Mars is available in Tesco stores now with a 100% free Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy coaster. It might not give you the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything but even a millions of years old supercomputer needs a place to rest its brew, right?

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