Fortnite Driftboards: Where to find them for tricks

Fortnite Driftboards
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Fortnite Driftboards are not a new invention, as they originally launched all the way back in the original Season 7 of Chapter 1, before being vaulted at the start of Chapter 2 and not being seen again except for a brief reappearance during Season OG. However, they've now been unvaulted with a new radical design to tie in with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Pass, and for one of the linked Fortnite quests you need to earn a large number of style points in one go using them. To guide you through that, here are the Driftboard locations in Fortnite and how to perform impossibly difficult tricks with them.

Where to find Driftboards in Fortnite

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I've marked all of the Fortnite Driftboard locations I've encountered on the map above, so you can see which areas to go to if you want to collect one. There are a total of four Driftboards over at Reckless Railways, where you'll also find plenty of Fortnite sewer pipes for another challenge, so that's a good area to check but is usually busy with other players. As always with these things, if another player has already scooted off on a Driftboard then it won't be in its original location, and you could stumble across them in other places if they've been left.

How to do an impossibly difficult trick on a Fortnite Driftboard

Doing an impossibly difficult trick on a Fortnite Driftboard

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As with the Fortnite Dirt Bikes, you can perform tricks on Driftboards by moving the left stick while in the air to earn style points. I'm not sure what the exact points target is for doing an impossibly difficult trick on a Fortnite Driftboard, but if you hold the Jump button then release it and hold down on the left stick while Boosting you'll launch high into the air, then as long as you perform a few spins before landing with your board relatively flat to the ground you'll definitely rack up enough style points to complete this quest.

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