Where to find Fortnite Dirt Bikes

Geralt performs a stunt on one of the Fortnite Dirt Bikes
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Fortnite Dirt Bikes can be used to perform stunts and earn Trick Points by pulling off moves in the air, though you need to land safely for them to count. They're also a handy mode of transport, as you can easily ride across rough terrain using them and, crucially, fire your weapons at the same time without having to rely on a separate driver to steer while you shoot. Naturally, you're somewhat more exposed to enemy attack while sat on the back of Dirt Bikes in Fortnite, but their speed and manoeuvrability coupled with your ability to return fire mean you can counteract this potential disadvantage without too much trouble.

Fortnite Slap Berries

Geralt finds some Fortnite Slap Berries

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Fortnite Dirt Bikes allow you to perform tricks, in much the same way as the currently vaulted Quadcrashers previously did, though without a boost function you'll need to rely on ramps and your jump ability to catch some air. There doesn't seem to be any general reward in Fortnite for performing these stunts, but it's fun to see what crazy combos you can put together without biffing the landing and sometimes they're required for Fortnite quests. If you want to know more about these two-wheeled rides, then this is how to use Dirt Bikes in Fortnite.

Fortnite Dirt Bikes locations

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You can find Fortnite Dirt Bikes all over the island, particularly in built-up areas and around residential properties or gas stations, so search those sorts of places and you should be able to spot one. On the map above we've marked specific Fortnite Dirt Bikes locations where they've spawned for us, if you want a more certain area to aim for, though remember that they don't all appear in every match and other players could ride them away before you arrive.

How to earn Trick Points while riding Dirt Bikes in Fortnite

Racking up Trick Points with one of the Fortnite Dirt Bikes

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Fortnite Dirt Bikes have several differences from the other vehicles on the island, with the main one being that you can aim and fire your equipped weapon while driving it, rather than having to be a passenger to do this. That does mean you'll need to remember to use the left stick to control your speed, as the triggers now control aiming and shooting rather than the accelerator and brake. Dirt Bikes use gas like regular vehicles, so you'll need to keep an eye on the gauge unless you activate Supercharged, one of the Fortnite Augments that stops vehicles you're in from consuming fuel.

There are some additional controls unique to Fortnite Dirt Bikes, such as being able to Jump, PowerSlide, and perform stunts while flying through the air by holding the Trick button and pushing the left stick in different directions. While performing jumps and tricks you'll see a notification on screen of the particular move you're pulling off along with the current Trick Points score accumulated, though you'll only 'bank' those points if you successfully land. Trick Points appear to be based on distance, height, and air time, as well as the number of different tricks performed in the same move.

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