Fortnite Ant-Man skin could be up next if these leakers are right

Ant-Man and the Wasp
(Image credit: Disney)

It looks like a Fortnite Ant-Man skin is on the way, according to finds from leakers, bringing at least one more superhero to the game before the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Leaker VastBlast shared that they decrypted the contents of one of the game's portals, which appears to show a forest floor from a ground-level view. The background music for the portal is composed of frantic strings and anomalous effects that sound sort of like a colony of ants busy at work. Reverse image searching the portal's picture reveals that it's a stock image titled "the world seen from the point of view of an ant". 

Meanwhile, dataminer InTheShade found that this particular portal is codenamed "SmallFry," which - while being less specific about the whole ants thing - would certainly line up with Ant-Man as well. They later added that there's no indication the skin will feature a built-in emote, which means either: a) there won't be any accompanying emotes at all, or b) everybody will be able to use any accompanying emotes.

For reference, The Flash's Quick Bite emote wasn't built-in, so there's a good chance that Epic Games would take the same approach when making extras to go along with Ant-Man. Now we just have to wait and see when the size-changing hero will show up - or if turns out to actually be Flik from A Bug's Life, or something. You never really know with Fortnite.

Speaking of emotes, we do know that the Fortnite sea shanty is still stuck in our head.

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