All Far Cry 6 Paint the Town statue locations

Far Cry 6 paint the town
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The Far Cry 6 Paint the Town mission needs you to find 12 statues around Esperanza so you can defacing them for resistance. The locations aren't marked though, leaving you searching a city for some small Anton busts dotted around the area. Find them all though and you can unlock a Bandidos leader. As we mentioned though, finding these Far Cry 6 statues isn't easy, with all 12 dotted around the city streets, seemingly completely at random. You don't even get a start lactation or a clear indication of what you're actually looking for. To make this whole thing easier we'll show you all the Paint the Town statue locations below, as well as basic tips to stay alive as you get busy with the spray can.

All Far Cry 6 Paint the Town statue locations

Far Cry 6 paint the town statues

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
  1. In the middle of a courtyard, surrounded by trees.
  2. Near a blocked-off road, with a billboard of Castillo behind it.
  3. In front of a large, walled-off villa.
  4. At the end of a wide, blocked street.
  5. On a grassy area next to a construction site.
  6. On the very edge of town, looking at the road just North-East of the Guerrilla hideout.
  7. In a small park, close to a Guerrilla tunnel entrance.
  8. On the West side of the border fence blocking off Zona E3.
  9. On the North coast, just East of the little outcropping area.
  10. In a rough courtyard with a tower of billboards just North of it.
  11. In an open square just North of the military restricted zone.
  12. On the East side of the Green park, South-East of the Military base.

There are twelve statues associated with the Paint the Town mission in Far Cry 6. What makes it tricky is that there's no obvious location to them, beyond generally checking courtyards, town squares and around the more ornate buildings. Fortunately, the map above will show you where to find them all, and the image below will mark what you're looking for. Once you're close, just approach and interact with it to deface the statue accordingly and strike it off your list.

How to start the Paint the Town mission

Far Cry 6 paint the town

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

To start the Paint the Town mission, players will have needed to complete three others: "Paradise Lost" (a main plot mission) and two side quests associated with the character Zenia: "Stealing Thunder" and "Heavy Metal". You can find the two side quests at the Triada Mural, and Paradise Lost is simply found by following the main plot. Once you've done all those, you can head to the West Lado district to find Zenia again, whereupon she'll give you the Yaran Story in question.

While exploring, Esperanza will be crawling with Castillos, being the well-fortified capital of Yara. While moving about the town, try and remain stealthy wherever possible, using silenced weapons, Chorizo, Boomer or Oluso as an Amigo, and staying out of sight of the patrolling guards and tanks. It is entirely possible to make it through the mission guns blazing, but it's a lot easier to tag from the shadows and avoid the full wrath of Castillo's army.

Once you complete the mission, you'll unlock a special new charm and, more importantly, a new Bandidos Leader, Zenia. While this mission can be kind of a pain, the chance to increase the efficiency of your Bandidos operations arguably makes it worth it.

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