Fallout TV show still "moving ahead" according to Todd Howard

Fallout 3
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Amazon's Fallout TV series is "moving ahead" according to a brief update from Bethesda boss Todd Howard. 

A fan asked Howard if, after more than a year without any meaningful updates, the Fallout TV show is still in the works at all. Howard confirmed on Reddit that it's still a work in progress, and that he's "really excited to be working with Jonah, Lisa, and Amazon on it," referring to showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan.

Howard didn't share any more details, but it's encouraging to know that Amazon's Fallout series hasn't fallen by the wayside. It was first revealed back in July 2020 with a brief teaser which quickly racked up a few million views. 

Next to nothing about the Fallout TV show has been revealed beyond the fact that it exists. The Fallout games explore a range of themes and settings, from the gritty post-apocalypse of the early, pre-Bethesda games to the more flippant and boisterous setting of Fallout 76. We've seen 1950s flamboyance, near-future dystopias, and everything in-between. It'll be interesting to see what tone and time period the show goes for, not to mention its location. Will it be rooted in a main city or state, or perhaps spread across a whole country? 

Howard also recently confirmed that Fallout 5 is, unsurprisingly, a while off. Bethesda apparently has a "one-pager" elevator pitch for Fallout 5, but the studio will prioritize Starfield for the immediate future, in no small part because Starfield was apparently a "now or never" project

The Last of Us TV show, another big video game adaptation, has seemingly finished filming, or at least enough of filming that Neil Druckmann can step back. 

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