Bethesda has a "one-pager" for Fallout 5, but it's still a while off

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Bethesda's Todd Howard has confirmed that a "one-pager" exists for Fallout 5, but the sequel is still years away from launching.

In an interview with IGN, Howard became the first official Bethesda spokesperson to utter the title "Fallout 5," even though it's seemed inevitable for a while that the studio would continue one of its most popular series. But beyond simply existing, Howard adds that Bethesda Game Studios already has a general overview of the project in place.

"I don't see... Look, Fallout's really part of our DNA here. We've worked with other people from time to time – I can't say what's gonna happen. You know, we have a one-pager on Fallout 5, what we want to do."

For some context, a one-pager refers to a document that gives a general outline or overview of something, which suggests Howard and Bethesda already have some key details of Fallout 5 figured out, including potentially the story, setting, and gameplay features. That said, don't expect to see the fruits of the seed at Fallout 5's center for quite some time. Howard reiterates to IGN that it's still planned for release sometime after Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6, the latter of which is still years off itself.

"Again, if I could wave my hand and have [Fallout 5] out – you know, I'd like to find a way to accelerate what we do, but I can't really say today or commit to anything, [like] what's going to happen when."

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