First look at Amazon’s Fallout TV show takes us outside the Vault and into the Wasteland with the Brotherhood of Steel

(Image credit: Prime Video)

The first full look at Amazon’s Fallout series is here – and even the end of the world can’t take the sheen off the game-accurate take on this nuclear wasteland.

Starring Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, and Aaron Moten and produced by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Fallout is hitting Prime Video next year and these first images give us some indication of what the series’ major players will be getting up to.

Purnell, as you can see from the first image, is a Vault dweller named Lucy, complete with the trademark blue and yellow jumpsuit. Flanking her is Overseer Hank (Kyle MacLachan). Given the game history of Overseers, we can’t see him lasting long – either inside or outside the underground structures of the Vaults that house the remaining population of the United States.

Curiously, Walton Goggins plays ‘The Ghoul’, an irradiated husk who appears to have styled himself as a cowboy gunslinger. Then there’s the Brotherhood of Steel – the metal-encased military that patrol the wasteland – looking every inch the towering figures that gamers have fought – and worked alongside – since the 1997 original.

Previously, a behind-closed-doors sizzle reel from Gamescom was leaked to the public. A later, far more official, teaser provided a glimpse of the retro-futuristic series mascot Pip-Boy, as well as confirmation of the Los Angeles setting and release date.

Bethesda director Todd Howard (who is also on producing duties for the show) has also confirmed to Vanity Fair that he considers the events of the Prime Video series as "canon" to the overall franchise.

Fallout is coming to Prime Video on April 24, 2024. For more, check out the new TV shows and upcoming video game movies coming your way.

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