Amazon's closed-doors Fallout TV show teaser has leaked, and the Brotherhood of Steel are a huge highlight

Fallout TV show
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Footage of Amazon's upcoming Fallout TV series has leaked online, but the good news is that fans are liking what they're seeing so far. 

Last month, during Bethesda's Starfield presentation at Gamescom 2023, Todd Howard shared a sneak peek of the Fallout TV series. Now, a few weeks later, footage of the series has leaked on Twitter. The video itself appears to be a teaser trailer as there isn't much in the way of story context.

The trailer features a lot of familiar faces from the Fallout series, including the Brotherhood of Steel, and appears to show the world in its pre-war state. That is until explosions start going off. Although this trailer doesn't give us much to work with, we have seen several photos from the Fallout set, as well as an official first look from Bethesda. We also already know some of the series' confirmed cast including Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan and Yellowjackets actor Ella Purnell. 

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The footage that was shown at Gamescom was, according to Todd Howard, a "very early" look at the upcoming show and wasn't actually intended to ever be released. With this in mind, it's best to take what we're seeing with a grain of salt as a lot could change between now and the show's release, but Howard also revealed that bigger looks at the show will be coming soon.  

It seems this was enough to convince Fallout fans that their beloved IP was in good hands, though. In the replies to the tweet above, fans have been expressing their excitement for the upcoming show. "Bethesda ate up video games so good, now they wanna dominate TV. Love to see it," one Twitter user said. "Honestly lookin' good! They seem to have nailed the looks!" another adds. 

The Brotherhood of Steel has also got a lot of praise in particular, however not all fans are convinced by, who they assume is, the Ghouls' new look: "It does look pretty cool except to me the, what I can only assume is a Ghoul, looks off?" We'll have to wait and see whether this ends up being the final look in the show. 

Amazon's Fallout TV series is expected to head to Prime Video in the first half of 2024.

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