FallMania is a Fall Guys tournament with a $5,000 first-place prize

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys hasn't been out a full month yet, but it's already getting its first - albeit unofficial - tournament starting next week.

FallMania kicks off Thursday, August 27 and consists of a "series" of events that will ultimately decide which player gets the top prize of $5,000. Prominent speedrunner and streamer GrandPooBear announced the event via Twitter.

Contestants will need to be invited in order to participate, but streamers can fill out this sign-up sheet if they're interested. GrandPooBear says they want to hear from "creators of all sizes," adding that 3,000 submissions have already been received. 

While not the most traditional format for an esports game, it's really no surprise Fall Guys is going in that direction. It's both incredibly accessible and competitive, and it's managed to dominate the conversation on social media platforms since release. 

No word on how many rounds will complete the tournament, but the $5,000 prize is going to one winner and one winner only. Due to Fall Guys not supporting private matches, the tournament will involve four players per lobby, and the one with the most kudos "after a set number of matches" will win the prize.

"Statistically" of course, we already know who the ultimate Fall Guy is: streamer DrLupo, who won a special costume after Mediatonic set out to identify "The Fallen One."

It still feels like Fall Guys just made its debut, but Mediatonic already has its eyes set on season 2, which is set to be revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live Thursday, August 27, coincidentally the same day the tournament kicks off.

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