Fable 3 gnomes guide

If you’ve played Fable 2 you probably remember hearing haunting insults from those 50 evil gargoyles scattered all around Albion. In Fable 3, there are 50 evil garden gnomes who are just as derogatory as their winged ancestors. Complete the quest “Gnomes Are Great!” and accept “Gnomes Are Evil!” to begin the hunt, then use our guide to track down every single one.

Fun Fact: The currently accepted look of the gnome, pointy hat, beard, tunic, etc. is based upon the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Prior to this, gnomes were just described as small underground dwellers, and were at one time synonymous with goblins! You're welcome.

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Aurora (2 Gnomes)

1. From the dock, follow the beach to the left. This gnome is high up on the wall.

2. From the Shifting Sands entrance to Aurora, hang a left and take the path until you pass under an arch. On the other side is this gnome.

Bowerstone Castle (3 Gnomes)

1. In the castle’s kitchen.

2. In the lower part of the gardens you’ll find this gnome hogging the birdbath.

3. (Catacombs) As soon as you enter the huge cavern, turn right and round the corner to find this gnome on the column. You can only get him after you become King/Queen.

Brightwall Village (5 Gnomes)

1. The first gnome is pointed out to you in the “Gnomes Are Evil” quest.

2. Out behind the property known as Bumbler’s Gruff, this Gnome is high on the rocks.

3. Resting on the House of Slats’s (furniture store) chimney.

4. (The Reliqaury) After crossing over the floating platforms, run around the right side of the structure in front of you to find this gnome.

5. (The Reliquary) After diving into the water, you’ll eventually come upon a huge room. When you climb up the small set of stairs just before the area where you lit the torches for that silver key, you’ll see this gnome to the right.

Dweller Camp (1 Gnome)

1. On the winding path leading to the overlook.