Fable 3 books guide

Scattered around Albion are 30 rare books that Samuel from Brightwall Academy is too lazy to track down himself. You can begin this epic trek by accepting the quest called “The Pen is Mightier.” 25 of these books can be simply picked up as soon as you have access to their respective resting places, but Samuel will have special quests for you when you find 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 of the ‘ordinarily rare’ books. These quests point you toward the ‘especially rare’ books.

So good luck and keep track, because unlike keys and gnomes, you won’t be shown how many books you’ve found in each region.

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Inside the temple, on the right part of the shrine.

Sitting on this small shrine on the northeast outskirt of the area.

Bowerstone Castle

Inside the royal bedroom, there is a small section with kid-sized beds. Resting on one of them is this book, attainable once you become King/Queen.

Bowerstone Industrial

(Cesspools) In the first room lying on the table.

Inside the pub on a table near the piano.

Bowerstone Market

On the second floor of the pub, on this table.

As you leave the market heading toward Millfields, find the 3rd house on the right and climb the steps. On the second floor you’ll find this book on a bed.

Bowerstone Old Quarter

At the base of this statue.

This is a rare book called “The Invocation of the Watchers.” You’ll need to have turned in 10 books to Samuel and accept his quest (and the trapdoor key) to find it. Follow the glowing trail to track it down. Inside the basement you’ll have to shoot the flit switch, which will eventually lead to you a secret area behind a bookcase.