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Fable 3 books guide

Enter the Brightwall Pub’s second floor and find this book on the nightstand.

Behind the furniture shop on this windowsill.

Coming from the Academy, enter the second floor of the first house on your right. The book is on the railing.

(The Reliquary) Soon after entering the Reliquary, enter the long room on the right. This book has its own pedestal, so you can’t miss it.

(The Reliquary) You must be on or have completed the “Ancient Key” quest. Doing so will open up a door leading to a new area of the Reliquary. This book is in that room.

(Reliquary) You’ll need to have completed the quest “An Ancient Key” and have found all the other books. Once you do, Samuel will give you the key and the quest needed to access this final book inside the Reliquary.


Once you’ve competed “An Island Getaway,” “Pest Control,” “Gift for Driftwood,” and “An Island Getaway,” come back to Driftwood. If you’ve waited long enough (just complete an odd quest or two) you can enter a mine on the left island to find this book resting on a crate.

Dweller Camp

Coming from Mistpeak Valley, stick to the trail on the right that leads up the hill. There is a wagon up here, and the book you’re looking for is on a small table inside.


If you head up the hill from the lake area, you can veer off the path to the right. Close to where you can find a silver key, check inside this small tomb to find a book on the floor.

(Reaver’s Manor) After you’ve accepted the “Reaver’s Unmentionable’s” quest you can enter the room to y our left once you walk into the mansion. The book is on the desk by the window.

(Dankwater Cavern) You’ll need to have “beaten” the game before you can access the “Hobnobbing with Hobbes” quest which unlocks the Dankwater Caverns. Beat the quest and return to the area after a bit to have full access. Swim out and to the left from the Hobbe camp to explore the rest of the cave. You’ll come across this table with a book on it.

Mistpeak Valley

(Chillbreath Caverns) Near a treasure chest just off the main path (coming from the Monorail entrance), floating next to some crates.

(Chillbreath Caverns) This book – “The Book of Mysteries” - requires you turn in at least 5 other books to Samuel first. Upon doing so, accept his quest and the bread crumbs will lead you into the caverns and straight to the book.

Just inside the cashier’s station at the entrance to The Hole.


At the small camp near the path to Bowerstone Industrial. It’s resting on this crate.

In order to find this book, “The Pangs of Sunset,” you are required to turn in 15 books to Samuel. He’ll then give you the quest leading to the Mourningwood graveyard, where you can dig it up.

(The Ossuary) You must have first completed “Bored to Death” and “Gone But Not Forgotten” before you have access to the Ossuary. Once you enter the area, turn left, and climb all the way up the stairs. On the railing, you’ll see this book.

Shifting Sands

(Sandfall Palace) After you cross the first long bridge leading to the door, turn right instead of going through and you’ll find this book on the railing.

This book, “Reaver on Reaver,” is one of the extra rare books. Once you’ve found 20 other books Samuel will offer a quest to find this one. The glowing trail will lead you into the desert where you can dig up the tome.


Resting on top of some crates along the side of one of the houses in the settlement.

Sunset House

On this park bench behind the radioactive gazebo .

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