Fable 3 Auroran Flowers guide

Getting Fable 3's Flower Power Achievement can be a little tricky, the Auroran Flowers are something you can’t collect until you’ve discovered Aurora and its two surrounding regions. Luckily the 30 flowers are only spread across three areas.

There are six different colors, and finding five flowers of one particular hue will unlock special tattoo dyes. Unfortunately, unlike the keys and the gnomes, the number of flowers in each region does not appear on the world map so keep track!

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Aurora (5 Flowers)

From the Demon Door, head left up the hill. On the right just before the post is the green flower.

You’ll need to swim from the docks to reach this little strip of dirt where the blue flower rests.

Coming from the docks, you’ll notice a short wall just before you reach the shops. Hop over, and check behind the statue for the purple flower.

If you’re heading up the path leading to the Shifting Sands, there is an alley on the right leading to the “Sandsky House.” To the right of the house’s door is a small room with the yellow flower.

Just to the right of the big shrine at the back of the city you’ll find the orange flower.

The Shifting Sands (12 Flowers)

Coming from Aurora, at the bottom of the steps behind this pillar you’ll find an orange flower.

To the left of the stairs leading to Aurora.

If you’re coming from the Sandfall Palace, stick to the right and you’ll find this purple flower next to a pillar.

If you continue the path past the silver key, you’ll find this yellow flower. It’s near where the two halves of the Shifting Sands connect.

After having passed under the arch going from the Auroran side to the Shadelight side, stick to the right. You’ll find this flower growing in a small patch of sunlight.

This flower is in the middle of the area on the Shadelight side.

Coming from the Auroran side, stick to the left of the desert. In the northwestern corner you’ll find this blue flower.

(Sandfall Palace) As you descend the first set of stairs look for a patch of sand on your right.

(Sandfall Palace) When you reach your first fork in the road, take the stairs on your left down to the beach and nab this flower.

(Sandfall Palace) In the second large room you’ll notice this wheel structure at ground level. The flower is right there in the grass.

(Sandfall Palace) In the second large room, circle around to the right side of the first staircase to find this flower growing out of the shrine.

(Sandfall Palace) In the third and final large room, take the door on the left. Just inside this area is a red flower.