Fable 3 Legendary Weapons Guide

If you want to complete the extremely daunting task of tracking down all 50 legendary weapons, you’ll need to find some friends. Only about half of the 50 weapons can be collected without hopping on Xbox LIVE to trade with other players. This setup means most of the legendary weapons you find on your playthrough are randomly generated. Here are the locations of what you can get without trading (or begging).

Tip: if you really need an upper hand trading on XBL for missing weapons, make your character a hot girl and pretend to be a girl in real life. Then promise tosend nude pics for the item. Works like a charm!

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The First 12 Are Easy

12 Legendary Weapons can simply be bought from shops around Albion. There’s nothing secretive about finding these - just check out each town’s weapon suppliers.

But There Are 15 More

We found an additional 13 legendary weapons in various treasure chests, and 2 more are given as prizes for completing quests. The remaining23will have to be accquired via other players on Xbox Live

1. The Bonemasher is hard to miss as it lies in an ordinary chest right on the path during an early quest in Mourning wood. You can find it by entering Mourningwood from the Hole and simply looking left before you enter the fort.

2. There is a 10 Silver Key chest in Mourningwood holding another weapon. Coming into the region from the Hole, follow the path as it spirals up to the left to find the chest.

3. You’ll be rewarded with a legendary weapon if you can beat the high score while playing the Mourningwood Fort mortar mini-game.

4. Exiting the temple, take an immediate right. The weapon is inside a 20 Silver Key Chest.

5. Behind the Mistpeak Demon Door lies a legendary weapon. You’ll need to have a friend from Xbox LIVE come with you, and you’ll both need to have spent the 5 guild seals on the lovers expression pack.

6. Very near the Millfields Demon Door lies this 20 Silver Key chest.

7. At the top of the steps of the Ossuary there is a rather obvious gold door. Inside lies a legendary weapon.

8. When you enter the Sunset House area, head to the middle then go right through the forest. You’ll find a gold door, and inside is a legendary weapon.

9. This weapon is found inside the Sunset House mansion, which only appears at night. In order to make it accessible, you need to manipulate the statues in the gazebo at night so that they match their daytime poses. Inside the mansion, complete the chess quest, then use the door to the right of the entrance (assuming you are entering). Look into the mirror to find the blue orbs. On your side, walk to where you see the blue orbs in the mirror’s reflection. Do this 3 times, then vault through the mirror. In this alternate world, go back to the house’s entrance room and shoot the green orb resting on the table. This opens a door behind you. Enter that room to find a chest containing the weapon. Phew!

10. You obtain the Gnomewrecker by finding all 50 gnomes and finishing the “Gnomes Are Evil” quest.