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Fable 3 Legendary Weapons Guide

11. Predictably, there is a legendary weapon inside the 50 Silver Key chest in the Bowerstone Castle garden. Need all 50 keys? You may want to check out our Fable 3 Keys guide.

12. After you become King/Queen, you may see a 5th Gold Key above your personal gold pile (inside the trophy room of your sanctuary). You need to put 5,000,000 gold into your own account in order to reach the key, then completely drain your account to reach the chest.

13. This weapon is behind the Aurora Demon Door. You’ll need to be 100% good or evil to gain access.

14. You’ll need to gain access to the Dark Sanctum (found in Mourningwood) and complete the puzzle inside. This is no easy feat, as you have to complete a series of evil quests just to enter the Sanctum.

15. You’ll find a legendary weapon in the Auroran Mine. In order to have access, you’ll have needed to break your promise to Kalin and mine Aurora. Otherwise, the path will remain blocked by rubble.