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Fable 3 gnomes guide

1. At the top of the frozen waterfall, underneath a small bridge near the Brightwall Village entrance. It’s spitting distance from the Demon Door.

2. Coming from the Monorail Station, turn left and head up the path. This gnome right next to the silver key.

3. High in the mountains near the Dweller Camp entrance you’ll come upon a camp. This gnome is laying low as pictured.

4. (Chillbreath Cavnerns) Near the broken bridge at the lowest point of the area.

5. (Chillbreath Caverns) If you enter the caverns by taking the small bridge that overlooks the demon door, this Gnome is just inside hanging from some stalactites.

6. (The Hole) Behind the wrecked monorail car.

7. (The Hole) Once inside the arena, look up here to find Mistpeak Valley’s final gnome.

Mercenary Camp (1 Gnome)

1. Here on top of this water tower near the back of the camp where the path does a 180.

Bowerstone Market (3 Gnomes)

1. In one of the towers atop the city wall.

2. On the wall near the steps leading up to the city wall (near the Bowerstone Industrial exit).

3. Enter the house next door to the pub (on the left if you face the pub). This gnome is on the back of that house.


1. Run left of the entrance to Pepperpot cave and you’ll find this gnome among some trees.

2. Coming off the long dock that leads into the lake, turn right and you’ll see this gnome hanging up here.

3. Hanging out at Reaver’s Mansion.

4. (Dankwater Cavern) You’ll need to have “beaten” the game before you can access the “Hobnobbing with Hobbes” quest which unlocks the Dankwater Caverns. Once inside, follow the path leading to the right and look out at the waterfall to find this gnome.

5. Just beyond the area where you shot the gnome listed above, listen for another one to the right as you move forward. He’s here. The game got glitchy at this point for us and our bullets were just passing through the gnome, but keep trying from different angles and distances if you experience similar issues and you’ll eventually get him.

Bowerstone Old Quarter (2 Gnomes)

1. Right from the fast travel spawn point (near the walled entrance from the lake), turn and look between these two houses.

2. Just north of the markets, take the street to the left and you’ll find this gnome above the yard between two houses.

Silverpines (2 Gnomes)

1. In the settlement, near the entrance to the mine.

2. Just behind the cemetery’s lone crypt is a path leading up to wooden tower.