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Fable 3 gnomes guide

1. (Cesspools) There aren’t many places to get off the beaten path down here. Just before you enter the last wide open cavern you’ll see this guy hanging out here.

2. Coming from Bowerston Market, this gnome is on the far side of the nearest bridge.

3. Coming from Bowerstone Market, run along the canal to the last bridge and cross it. This gnome is just on the other side, hiding in this alley.

4. This gnome is accessible after you’ve accepted the quest “Animal Liberation” and enter the pie factory. The gnome is inside one of the animal cages on the first floor of the factory.

5. (Sewers) You must have accepted the “One Ring to Find Quest.” Under the crane in Bowerstone Industrial there is a door leading to the sewers. Once inside, turn left and you’ll see a hole in the wall leading into room. In this room on the ceiling is the gnome.

Driftwood (2 Gnomes)

1. There is a path as seen above (on the right of the picture) leading off the beach area. Follow this a bit to find one of the gnomes.

2. From the large center island, swim out to the north. There is a very small island where you’ll find this gnome chillin’ on a rock.

Mourningwood (3 Gnomes)

1. Coming from Bowerstone Industrial, look to your immediate left.

2. If you came from The Hole, pass through the fort and stick to the right. When you hit the large graveyard, double back to your left and up a small hill to find this gnome.

3. (The Ossuary) You must have first completed “Bored to Death” and started “Gone But Not Forgotten” before you have access to the Ossuary. Follow the quest trail and you’ll eventually come upon a treasure chest at the end of a row of 5 tombs (it’s close to that central tree). Between two of the tombs is this gnome.

The Shifting Sands (4 Gnomes)

1. Coming from Aurora, this gnome is on the pillar just to your left.

2. Very close to the entrance to the Sandfall Palace, up here.

3. If you stick to the right after exiting Sandfall Palace, you’ll eventually come across the gnome high up on the left. He’s just past the purple Auroran Flower.

4. (Sandfall Palace) This gnome stares you in the face as you make your way through the second large room.

The Sunset House (1 Gnome)

1. This gnome is on the right side of the mansion among some rocks.

The Veiled Path (4 Gnomes)

1. Coming from The Shifting Sands, turn right immediately and look up.

2. Directly above an orange Auroran flower, in the area where you start to fight Sentinels.

3. On top of a pillar to your right as you climb the long set of stairs.

4. (The Enigma) In the room on the left, the one you need to light the torch in order to enter, there will be a smaller room at the back where enemies come out of. This gnome is hiding in there.

Nov 4, 2010