Fable 3 Keys Guide

Perhaps you’ve already burned through Fable 3's epic tale, but chances are if you’re looking for all 54 keys you’re still wandering the dark corners of the forest being chased by Balverines and taunted by demonic garden gnomes. Fortunately we’ve compiled this guide listing the locations of every key. So take a load off, check out the pretty pictures, and start nabbing some sweet loot from those silver chests.

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Aurora (2 Silver Keys)

Just to the right of the large shrine at the back of the city is a path that leads up. It will take you up to a portion where you can continuously vault onto lower roofs until you find a silver key.

From the Demon Door, head left up the hill, then right when you get the chance to find this key.

Bowerstone Castle (2 Silver Keys)

(Catacombs) Take the left branch of the path soon after entering the underground tunnels. Attainable soon after the game begins.

Coming from the castle into the gardens, head all the way down and to the left. This key is behind this statue.

Bowerstone Industrial (4 Silver Keys)

(Cesspools) Soon after you dive into the water you’ll spot this wooden barricade on the wall to your left. Bust it down with your weapon and find a key on the other side.

Near the entrance from Mourningwood, there is a large factory. Inside, on the second level, a key is waiting. Work the levers to reach it.

(Sewers) You must have accepted the “One Ring to Find Quest.” Under the crane in Bowerstone Industrial there is a door leading to the sewers. Once inside, turn right and continue on until you see this key.

Once you become King/Queen, return to the multi-level warehouse you ran through with Simon Pegg – I mean Ben Finn - during the revolution. On the second level, you’ll see this key.