Eternals director confirms bumper runtime and number of post-credits scenes

Kit Harington in Eternals
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Eternals director Chloé Zhao has confirmed the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 movie’s runtime, as well as how many scenes we’ll need to stick around for after the credits have rolled.

Speaking to Fandango, Zhao confirmed that the Eternals runtime is over 150 minutes (two hours 30 minutes) – with previous listings putting it at around the 156 minutes. That’s yet to be officially confirmed, however. Either way, it’s set to be the second-longest MCU movie, behind only Avengers: Endgame’s 181-minute runtime.

"It could be longer!" Zhao said. "It’s ten characters, the Celestials, and 7,000 years. There’s a lot going on." The Nomadland director also said that the likes of The Revenant, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Tree of Life acted as frames of reference for the Marvel epic.

On the topic of post-credits, Zhao has revealed that there will be two post-credits scenes – most likely a mid and post-credits sequence – which will feature 'big surprises'.

"Don’t just stay for the first one – also stay for the second one, too. They are equally as important in weight, and both have big surprises for you," Zhao said.

There’s set to be big surprises in the movie itself – especially in terms of how Eternals will change how we see the MCU. In a new featurette, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that "The impact Eternals will have on the MCU will be nothing less than redefining the cinematic universe entirely."

Eternals is set to release in theaters on November 5.

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