Epic Games is teasing a Fortnite crossover with Nike's Air Jordans this week

After an exciting John Wick limited time mode in Fortnite, Epic Games isn't letting up with it's special events. The company teased a crossover with Nike's Air Jordan brand earlier today through Twitter and Fortnite's news page

“Game recognize game. Drop in tomorrow,” an in-game message reads. The image shows the Fortnite logo next to the Air Jordan one hinting that we could get some fresh cosmetics or even a new limited time mode. We don't know much about the crossover except that it's set to drop on May 22 after an early morning update. 

Epic Games tweeted a few emojis that clearly reference Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time. Maybe we'll get to glide around Fortnite in his jersey? We got a special mode for John Wick, Wick’s Bounty, as well as a special Keanu Reeves skin so the suggestion isn't far fetched. 

This collaboration could include the NBA, Nike, and Michael Jordan— even if it's just Fortnite merchandise outside the game. We already have several basketball cosmetics like the jump shot emoji, so maybe we'll see that incorporated somehow.

Epic Games has gone absolutely wild with the number of quality crossovers its brought to the hit battle royale. A few weeks ago players could pick up Iron Man's blasters and Thor's axe in a special Avengers event and before that players could buy their favorite NFL players jersey to wear while skydiving out of the battle bus.

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