Dunst confirms Spider-Man 3 villains

Poor old Sam Raimi. The director does his best to keep his Spidey plans on the down-low and then his leading lady goes and trumpets the names of the third installment’s new villains. “We have really great people as the villains in this film – Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace – Venom and Sandman,” Kirsten told . Then added, “Maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that.” Oh, really? You think?

Our spies suggest Kirsten has her menaces in a muddle anyway, with Church, who played man-slapper Jack in Alexander Payne's victorious vino-fest Sideways, lined up as Sandman. Which means Venom will be played by Topher Grace, star of That ’70s Show and the Scarlett Johansson rom-com In Good Company.

"I think we have two and a half bad guys," Peter Parker’s lady love continued. "Because I think one of them is resurrected. But yeah, two and a half bad guys I think in this movie." There has also been talk of a return for Willem Dafoe as crazy cackler The Green Goblin, aka Norman Osbourne, although Spider-Man 2 planted the seeds for his son Harry Osbourne, played by James Franco, to slap on daddy’s green mask and surf the skies.

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source:( Zapit )