Division 2 Diamondback guide: How to get the Exotic Rifle

Division 2 Diamondback
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It's been a long time coming, but now the Episode One DLC is here, players are wondering how to get the Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle, a brand new addition to the game. The Division 2 Diamondback is one of many Division 2 Exotics in the game, and it's the first exotic lever-action rifle players can get their hands on. Here's everything you need to know about how to get Diamondback in The Division 2.

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Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle stats

Division 2 Diamondback

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We haven't got our hands on the Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle yet for reasons we'll explain shortly, but the Division 2 patch notes update explain what all of the stats and talents are for the new exotic. Since it's a lever-action rifle, it's only got five rounds per magazine with an RPM of 100, but the talents are where the new weapon shines.

  • Agonizing Bite: Diamondback randomly marks an enemy. Hitting that enemy consumes the mark, guaranteeing a critical hit with +20% total damage. A new random enemy is marked afterwards, and whenever you reload.
  • Deep Fangs: After hitting 5 marked enemies, gain +50% reload speed, +20% total damage and all shots fired are guaranteed critical hits for 10s.
  • Shedding Skin: While drawn, each time a round is loaded, gain +20% bonus armor for 3s. While holstered, each time you reload or cycle your current weapon, gain +8% bonus armor for 2s.

Essentially, if you can hit consecutive shots on marked enemies, you can start shredding through enemies like paper. Diamondback has the potential to deal a lot of damage, but it's all dependant on your accuracy; if you miss a shot, the buffs are reset. Shedding Skin helps you stay alive too, by providing a lot of extra armor.

How to get the Diamondback Division 2 Exotic Rifle

Division 2 Diamondback

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In order to get Diamondback, you need to complete all three of the Division 2 Expeditions. These are a new type of mission added to the game with the Division 2 Title Update 5, but it comes with a catch: only the first Expedition is available right now. Called Expedition: The Convoy, you can find it at the very top of your map, on the right-hand side of the three missions available.

Each expedition takes place in and around Kenly College; first up is Kenly Library, followed by Kenly Metro Station, then Kenly Student Union. You can tackle the library one straight away, but the metro station won't be available until July 30, followed by the student union on August 6. To get the Division 2 Diamondback, you need to complete all three Expeditions, then the reward location will become available to you.

Good luck, Agent.

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