Disney Dreamlight Valley update patch notes for Missions in Uncharted Space

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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The Disney Dreamlight Valley "Missions in Uncharted Space" update is here and it adds plenty of Toy Story-themed content and more. You can unlock the new Toy Story Realm in the Dream Castle and venture into a recreation of Bonnie's Room to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Plus there's lots of new festive content, such as a new seasonal Star Path to unlock. You'll be able to make new festive recipes, build snowmen, and even explore a new locale within Frosted Heights.

Other Disney Dreamlight Valley features and changes include a new Day/Night toggle for changing the look of your valley on demand, turning your house's lights off and on, and now being able to hang out with Ariel! Here's what's new in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Missions in Uncharted Space Toy Story update.

When is the Disney Dreamlight Valley update live?

The Disney Dreamlight Valley update drops at the following times:

  • 9AM ET, Tuesday December 6
  • 6AM PT, Tuesday December 6
  • 2PM GMT, Tuesday December 6
  • 3PM CET, Tuesday December 6

Disney Dreamlight Valley update patch notes

The headlines in the Disney Dreamlight Valley update patch notes are that the game has been further optimized on all platforms, particularly the Nintendo Switch. It's also now fully compatible with Steam Deck. These optimizations include reduced game loading times, smaller install sizes, improvements to in-game asset loading, and other tweaks behind the scenes. 

Of course, new content in the form of the Toy Story Realm is another big deal. Quests to get Buzz Lightyear and Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley are now available once you've got access to the Realm via the Dream Castle. Investigate some stolen socks and you'll also be put on the trail of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch quest.

Dreamlight Valley codes

Disney Dreamlight Valley codes

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The first of the Disney Dreamlight Valley codes is now live, for the Mysterious Golden Potato.

Kristoff's shop has had an upgrade with a wider array of items in the rotation now, including the ultra valuable iron ingots and Disney Dreamlight Valley snowballs. Plus, there have been tweaks made to wood distribution across the biomes, with Gameloft stating that "while spawn rates will be slightly less frequent than before, each biome will now have a fixed set of wood that can spawn and will appear in consistent amounts, taking the guesswork out of gathering". 

You can also now feed critters multiple times per day, and manually light fireplaces in the Valley (apart form the Horned Tavern Fireplace, Cozy Fireplace, Antique Furnace, and Celestial Fireplace). 

Bug fixed are also pretty plentiful for this update, including tweaks to avatar animation speeds, making sure that Critters appear in the Collection menu properly once befriended and the same with any new resources you collect. 

Several quests have been fixed including the issue with the Dark Crystal in the Deal with Ursula quest, the photography element of the Photo Fervor quest, and the placement issue with the Dreamlight Fountain quest. The missing paper in Goofy's house has been fixed for the Lair Sweet Lair quest, and Leader Shards will be easier to pick up for the Peacemakers quest too. 

While we weren't expecting Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer to arrive in 2022 anyway, there's not been any further information to share just yet. Fingers crossed that the next major update, and first of 2023, brings good news for those itching to play the game with their friends.

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