Diesel powers Wheelman

Clearly tired of films where he’s upstaged by a duck (but Vin, The Pacifier’s Gary was box office gold!), Mr Diesel is setting his sights back on his old stomping ground: action movies.

MTV Films and Paramount are developing Midway Games’ The Wheelman into what they hope will be a slam-bang cinematic experience. The plot will see an expert driver come out of retirement to protect a woman from his past. Someone’s been watching the Transporter films, then.

Both the game and the film are targeted for a 2007 release, with Vin having heavy involvement in both. "It was a very coordinated effort," blabbed MTV Films exec David Gale to Variety. “Diesel and his producing partner had the foresight and idea of making a cinematic game and a movie that could be synergistically developed."

We hate to be the ones to point this out, but the last time Diesel starred in a game and a movie, it was The Chronicles Of Riddick. And no one needs to repeat that experience. Synergistic? Arse.

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