Deathloop PC update fixes some achievements and improves crash explainers

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(Image credit: Arkane Studios)

A new Deathloop PC update has just arrived bearing fixes for bugged achievements and improvements to some crash reports. 

Arkane explained the update in a Steam post, and was quick to affirm that it's still in the process of investigating reports of stuttering frame rates on PC. "We are exploring causes and potential fixes and will update you with more information when it becomes available," the studio said in the update, inviting players to continue to submit performance feedback via Bethesda support. "We appreciate your patience."

The good news is that issues preventing some users from unlocking certain achievements have been resolved as of this patch. Moreover, the error messages tied to crash issues "caused by CPUs that do not meet the minimum requirements" as well missing or disabled extensions will now be "more descriptive." This obviously won't prevent those crashes from occurring – sadly, improved messaging can't magically beef up your CPU – but it will help you correctly identify what's causing your game to crash and how to prevent it from doing so. Here's hoping it's as easy as downloading or enabling an extension or two. 

Today's Deathloop update is a small one, but it's arrived right on the heels of the game's launch, which bodes well for how quickly other issues will hopefully be resolved.

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