Every Deathloop Trinket explained

Deathloop Trinkets
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Deathloop Trinkets can provide a handy boost, adding a buff to your character abilities and your weapons. Depending on the type and color of these glowing tokens, they can be used to apply a fresh effect of varying levels to your guns or Colt himself. Of course, you have to actually find them first, and while some are dropped by defeated enemies, there are others that are stashed in difficult to access locations, or rewarded by completing certain challenges and missions. It's worth searching until you discover the best ones in Deathloop, as they can provide an essential boost to Colt's health and magical ability power, and also let you fine-tune particular loadouts by improving your aim, increasing damage range, and so on to get the most out of your set up.

Not only that, but you can mix and match or swap and change these items whenever you like, so you can switch things up for any individual missions that have been giving you specific trouble. If you want to know what the best Deathloop Trinkets are, and where to find them, then read on for all the details. 

What are the Deathloop Trinket levels?

For both Deathloop Weapon and Character Trinkets you'll find Crude, Sleek, and Exemplar versions which are grey, blue, and purple (although the blue ones glow green on the floor). These roughly map out as 'common', 'rare', and 'epic' level drops with whatever effect they have ramping up from 'slightly' to 'moderately' and eventually 'greatly' affecting whatever they alter.

It's obviously always worth swapping out lower level Trinkets for higher powered ones as you progress. And when you do replace the ones you use with better options, feel free to sacrifice them for the Residium you need to save gear when you loop. With weapons you might want to keep a few copies as you can equip three Deathloop guns, but with Character Trinkets Colt can only ever equip one so there's no point hanging on to duplicates. 

Deathloop Weapon Trinkets

Deathloop Trinkets

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Deathloop Weapon Trinkets can be used to buff and improve your guns, with the level of weapon affecting how many you can add. Crude/common/grey weapons can take a single Trinket, Sleek/blue/rare take two and Exemplar/purple/epic stack three. Whatever you go for you'll want to play to a weapon's strengths. So buffing a Spiker's range and accuracy over distance will extend your stealth capabilities. Extending damage range will help shotguns, while damping down recoil will improve SMGs. 

Every Deathloop Weapon Trinket we've found

  • Sure Shot - Increases range at which weapon is accurate. 
  • Straight Shooter - Accuracy of aimed shots is increased across the board.
  • Stopping Power - Damaging an enemy slows the start of their health regeneration. 
  • Speed Loader - Reload speed is increased. 
  • Shock Absorber - Reduces recoil. 
  • Quick Draw - Equip and switch weapons in a flash. 
  • Perforator - Bullets tear through enemy ranks.
  • Mobile Marksman - Move faster while aiming down weapon sights.
  • Mind Leach - Enemies suffer damage and lose more power when hit. 
  • Lightning Strike - The distance over which your weapon does full damage is increased. 
  • Hipster - Shots fired from the hip have minimal spread.
  • Hailfire - Increases rate of fire.
  • Crack Shot - Aiming down sights takes far less time. 
  • Big Box - Magazines carry more bullets. 

Deathloop Character Trinkets

Deathloop Trinkets

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The various Deathloop Character Trinkets buff and improve a range of Colt’s abilities. There is a core set you'll probably want to equip most of the time, as well as a few - like gas immunity - you'll be swapping in for specific missions. We've marked the best basic Deathloop Character Trinkets you'll want to rock most of the time below. The boost to health, the power that fuels your abilities, and damage reduction, will let you fight longer. While the double jump will get you just about anywhere, so you can equip something other than the Shift teleport ability. But, as we mentioned, swap things in and out when you're dealing with a specific problem.

For the most part these Tickets will drop randomly from enemies and Deathloop Visionaries but we've detailed any that appear to have fixed origin.

Every Deathloop character trinket we've found

  • Turtle Shell - Reduce damage taken.
  • Swift Stitch - Regenerate health faster.
  • Swift Shadow - Most faster when crouched. 
  • Stone Wall - Recieve and inflict minimal damage. 
  • Sprinter - Move faster. 
  • Spring Heeled - Double jump in mid air. 
  • Slow Fuse - Enemies' explosives take longer to detonate. 
  • Slick Slide - Slide for longer.
  • Scavenger's Luck - Loot more ammunition. 
  • Renewable - Power regenerates faster
  • Remote Overload - Hackamajig can detonate hacked devices. (Found in the Fristad Rock bunker on the coast in the afternoon. Look for an entrance in the rocks to the left, below where the tide has gone out).
  • Pistolero - Deal more damage while dual wielding.
  • Party Time - Take less damage when people are nearby. 
  • Never Say Die - Maximum health is increased. 
  • Mine Own - Hack mines to turn against enemies or detonate remotely. 
  • Mechanical Affinity - Buff friendly turrets and Nullifiers. 
  • Master Hacker - Hackamajig hacks faster. 
  • Last Stand - Deal more damage when low on health. 
  • Juiced Up - Maximum power is increased. 
  • Hard Headed - Take less damage from headshots. 
  • Golden Harvest - Harvest more Residium from sources. (Found in the lower level of Wenjie's lab annex. Behind the code-locked door you'll unlock as part of the story.)
  • Fast Hands - Reload guns faster when dual wielding. 
  • Extended Signal - hack devices from far away. 
  • Double Trouble - Shot spread is reduced when dual wielding. 
  • Deep Pockets - Carry more ammunition.
  • Creeping Death - Make less noise while moving. 
  • Comeback Kid - Regenerate more health. 
  • Cat Fall - Take reduced fall damage. 
  • Bloodthirsty Brawler - Recover health while dealing melee damage.
  • Steel lungs - Gas exposure heals you. (Found in the Complex, in the second floor of Egon's building next to his minicom computer terminal.)
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