Death Stranding 2 is official, check out the first trailer

Death Stranding 2 is officially happening, and the sequel's first trailer was revealed during The Game Awards 2022.

After months of speculation, Hideo Kojima took to the stage at The Game Awards and unveiled Death Stranding 2, with a scene featuring Fragile carrying an infant child and then, toward the end of the trailer, a shirtless Norman Reedus with a decidedly lighter-colored hairdo. There's also a song featuring the lovely singing voice of Troy Baker, who portrayed the character Higgs in the original Death Stranding.

This reveal follows on from several Kojima-led teasers, which have been unfolding over the past month. Back in September 2022, the developer revealed that his next project would feature actor Elle Fanning, and then later on in the year in November, Kojima revealed Deadpool 2 actor Shioli Kutsuna would also feature in the same project, in some capacity.

Kojima's appearance at The Game Awards tonight shouldn't come as a huge surprise. If you've been following the veteran developer on social media recently, you will no doubt have seen his meetings with Nope director Jordan Peele in LA, where The Game Awards takes place at the YouTube Theatre in Irving. Then, there's host Geoff Keighley's not-so-cryptic tweet just below to consider. 

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Now though, after months of teasing from Kojima himself, and a whole lot of speculation from fans around the world, we now know definitively that a full-blown Death Stranding sequel is in the pipeline at Kojima Productions.

Keep in mind that Death Stranding 2 is entirely separate from Kojima's partnership with Microsoft, which the veteran developer revealed earlier this year. Whatever form this project ends up taking, we know it'll be taking advantage of Microsoft's prominent cloud-based technology, at the very least. 

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